Golf and golf crowdfunding

Use blockchain technology to manage ownership (NFT) and transactions of golf club memberships transparently and securely.

The accompanying additional industries (golf bookings, clothing, goods) are used as a global payment method

About GNG

Dividend-based crowdfunding

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Features of GNG

Key Features

Distributed Ledger Technology: The ownership and history of golf memberships are immutably recorded on the blockchain

Tokenization: Tokenize golf club memberships so that ownership can be easily transferred or divided and sold.

Native tokens: GFT tokens can be used as a means of payment for membership purchases, club bookings, or other services.


Using blockchain technology to transparently and safely manage the ownership (NFT) and transactions of golf club memberships, and to use the accompanying additional industries (golf bookings, clothing, and goods) as a global payment method

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Dividend-based crowdfunding


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Dividend-based crowdfunding


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What is crowdfunding with GNG?

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GNG Dividend Crowdfunding



2023 3Q

Team build-up

Platform MVP Verification

2023 4Q

Web page launch

Golf & Golf Partnership


community building

Global exchange listing

2024 1Q

G&G platform beta launch

Marketplace Beta Integration

Opening of membership

staking reward system

Global exchange listing 

2024 2Q

Expansion of global community

Expansion of affiliated golf

accessories partnership Expansion of G&G affiliated golf courses

2024 3Q

Marketplace Official Integration

G&G PAY Beta Integration

2024 4Q

Official opening of the G&G platform

G&G PAY official integration

Expansion of global marketing and partnerships


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Token Distribution

Name : GNG

Purchase methods accepted : BTC, ETH, LTC

New Token emissions : Unavailable

Presale of Private Sale : Not held

Know Your Customer (KYC) : Yes

Min/Max Personal Cap : No limit

Whitelist : No


About GNG

1. Token design

Create NFT (Non-Fungible Token) representing golf membership using ERC-1155 (or similar standard). minting method Create GAG ​​tokens used for utility purposes using ERC-20 (or similar standards)

2. Smart contract development

Implementing functions such as purchase, sale, and transfer of memberships into smart contracts

Implement the ability to use GFT tokens to book golf clubs or use other services

3. Platform development

Build a web or mobile interface where DEX-type users can easily trade or book memberships.

It provides a dashboard where you can retrieve membership price revisions, my trading partners, and usage history.

4. Partnerships and Public Relations

Build your golf club's activities to drive them to participate on the platform.

Promotion and marketing activities in the golf community or related industries.


Features of GNG Point

01. Distributed ledger technology

Ownership and history of golf membership are invariably recorded on the blockchain

02. Tokenization

By tokenizing golf club memberships, ownership can be easily transferred or divided and sold.

03. Native token

GFT tokens can be used as a means of payment for membership purchases, club bookings, or other services.

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